About uxplorer

Hello and welcome to uxplorer ! What is this blog you ask yourself ? Well, its intended as a blog (duh, obviously) and as a means of both promoting my work through visualsense, as well as posting new and interesting stuff from the world of user interface design, user experience design, interaction design and graphic design.

Here’s a little bit about me:

My name is Sorin Jurcut. I’m a romanian designer, currently working for Audials AG, Koln, as a user interface designer and senior graphic designer. In my free time I like to read about those topics, and relax by working on all sorts of cooky ideeas. I developed visualsense as a brand about 1 year ago, when I realized that I want more from life than a desk job. I want freedom, independence and something that represents me. I want excellence, passion and spirit. I want for things to feel connected. I want to create things that look great, feel great and work great ! That is why I made visualsense. Because it literally made sense. Its design that’s oriented to the common sense. Something that doesn’t only look great, but it actually works. Partly that’s why I also made this blog ! To teach others about how important it is not to forget the functional side of a design.

This is me, this is my blog ! I hope you’ll be a regular…. šŸ™‚


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