At the moment I am working, alongside a friend, on a new service for graphic designers and programmers alike. There’s not really much I can say, other than the fact that its a joint-brand venture between my brand, visualsense, and my friend’s called spotonearth. The new brand will be called visualearth. We’re still working on the name of that new website. We got all sorts of great ideeas but we’ve not settled yet on something solid. Working on it ! 🙂 Meanwhile you can look at some first drafts in my behance portfolio (HINT: Look below for the link) and on my dribble page.

Aside from that we’re also working on a concept that will hopefully revolutionize the restaurant businesses around the globe. PSssh ! Can’t tell more ! The project’s codename is Garcon !

Currently I am working hard at defining the initial interface for this spankin’ new webservice. As soon as I have more information and I am able to make it public I will. For more of my latest stuff, make sure to visit either

My Behance page:

My Dribble page:

I have the tendency to leave small morsels behind for anyone curious enough to search for them. 🙂


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