What is this for ?

This page is intended to be as a collection of links to all sorts of resources useful to any self-respecting designer. Be it ux, ui or of some other sort ! You will find the links below, together with descriptions for each individual link. Enjoy, comment and subscribe to my blog if you like it ! 🙂

Free UI kits:

The Bricks

is a Free set of User Interface components designed to facilitate the creation of design or prototype for the future website. This package will help you save your time in the process of development of components, and will become an excellent basis for creating website from design to code. Don’t waste your time drawing numerous shapes, when they are already included in this package. Just drag the component, change its style and use it. It is simple, fast and beautiful.

Websites & Links

If you’re a self-respecting ui designer you probably already know Orman Clark’s website called Premium Pixels

A more recent discovery, TheIconDeposit

365PSD, which lets you download one free PSD each day.

PixelBin, which has lots of resources (web and PSD included)

then there’s Webdesigner Depot

PurtyPixels, much like Orman Clark’s PremiumPixels offers some freebies along with the graphicRiver stuff

And there’s also PixelsDaily



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